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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 1, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the latest on the next round of rain. >> this is round number 3. we've had a lot since wednesday. here we go because the rainfall is getting here earlier than first thought. thought it would be later on this evening before we saw the yellows and oranges on cbs 5 doppler. some are out there, marin county, you're getting heavier showers up and down 101 for the third time. south of santa rosa. youngville getting heavy rain and up toward clear lake getting heavy rain. daly city, san francisco out toward the airport. richland, oakland, hayward out to san san san ramon and danville. when you wake up on sunday morning it will be windy with urban and street flooding likely. let's take about how much rain you're looking for. at least an inch and a half to 2 inches of rain. that's most of the bay area.
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that's why the napa river and flood river are under flood warnings with a flash flood for the north bay and the coast and the mountains where we have a wind advisory because tonight with the rain it's going to be windy. win gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour. there's high deaf doppler. the rain is here and it's going to be with us for a while. we'll talk about when the mess will finally move o out and have your full extended forecast in a few minutes. as paul mentioned a flood warning has been issued for the napa river. it's expected above flood levels and cbs5 don knapp is in napa where people are preparing for worst. >> reporter: we've been here since 3 and there was no rain. now it's starting to rain. behind me is the napa river. there's lots of room. but they say this river is going to rise rapidly tomorrow. folks all along the banks up
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and down are preparing for the worst and stopping by to pick up sandbags to do that. the city's delivered about 50- tons of sand to this lot and the folks are filling them just about as quickly as they can. nearly 2000 bags were filled and hauled out of here so far today. folks like june and her husband and nephew were filling bags. >> i live on a creek. we had a big rain as you know thursday night and the water came up to almost the top of the retaining wall and so we decided sandbags were a good idea for tonight. >> were you afraid the water would come over the wall. >> reporter: city and county officials wrapped up a meeting an hour ago talking about the flood risk in this area. they have projections looking at rainfall and right now they believe it may stay below flood stage in the downtown area.
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they expect flooding in the napa area and e other low lying areas. the big problem tomorrow at noon, in st. helena, they expect flooding there and are going to come up with ideas at 8:30. ann. >> paul was taking about the rain and also the winds. are you noticing the winds picking up. >> reporter: it's quite calm, i haven't noticed that yet. >> that's not the only river people are worried about in the north bay. there are serious flood concerns for the russian river. anne makovec with other troublesome areas. >> the river is surprising because the river can rise before you know it. >> reporter: from rushing rivers to vineyards, submerged in the overflow, the north bay is on edge over a flood warning now in effect. >> i feel okay. i know i might have some late night work to do if it does
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start coming up, but yeah. >> reporter: just how serious it is depends on who you ask. >> they're thinking it's going to happen this year and this early in the season. this river is coming up. we've seen a lot of -- >> reporter: weave seen a lot of sights like this. you can see the water here flirting with the possibility of closing it down and it's not going to take much. in petaluma, people are aware of the flooding risk heaven -- willowbrook creeks looks like that. others are tired of the premature worries. >> they're waiting for disaster to happen. are you waiting for us to flood. >> reporter: back in gunville, the russian river is expected to reach 3 to 4-inchings above flood level. and it won't cause major damage until it hits 40 feet. flood stage is 32.
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>> everybody's seen it before, if you've lived here for a long time. if you haven't, be prepared, listen to what everybody's telling you. >> reporter: innasa no ma county, anne makovec,. people are bracing for the big storm headed our way tonight and how communities are getting ready for the onslaught. >> reporter: we're almost there. the final storm in the series of three rolls through the bay area tonight sending people setting up stand bags from the north bay to the santa cruz mountains. heavy rain and winds have toppled trees, snarled traffic and left thousands in the dark. the last two storms uprooted the 50-foot tree and you can see how saturated the ground is. a lot more wind and rain is expected tonight. at pg&e it's all hands on deck. >> even healthy trees are
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coming down and they seem to find the power tree pretty well. >> reporter: they have been working to repair down lines and say all power should be restored tonight. >> we've gotten lucky because there have been breaks in between the one, two punches and the biggest is tonight and we want folks to be prepared. >> reporter: chp officers say calls for service have been nonstop and they want drivers to slow down. just this morning, a big rig jackknifed on interstate 280 in san bruno. >> it's weather related. the driver started to lose control, overcompensated and slid on the road hitting the guard road. >> reporter: and a water main break caused a mud slide a little over two weeks ago, residents are keeping a close eye on the hillside. >> it might get bigger and the debris and all the are trees coming down. that's a worry. >> reporter: if you haven't already cleared debris from your storm drains, keep a flashlight handy and call 911
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to report any hazards. elissa harrington, cbs 5. you can track the storm with our live high doppler radar on our web site at a bay area landmark destroyed by fires. why firefighters decided not to save it after one of their own is sent to the hospital. >> they talked to her for a little bit and that's when he shot himself. a shocking end to an nfl player, what police say he did before he killed himself.
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stations. the fire chief says he needs to make the move because a parcel tax increase failed. he plans to use the reserve force to provide coverage for the other areas. investigators in san francisco are trying to figure out how a man's body ended up on muni tracks. police got the call just before 8:00 this morning. the body was found near the at&t parking lot in a mission bay neighborhood. officers are treating it as a vehicle collision but they do not know if a car or a muni train was involved. shock and sadness through the kansas city chief's community tonight. one of the teens young players shot and killed his girlfriend before committing suicide. the dramatic jovan belcher took his life. >> the city was under lock down after the suicide of 25-year- old line backer, jovan belcher. he drove to the practice facility and thanked the chief,
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coach and general manager before taking his own life. >> he never threatened them or anything. they talked for a little bit and that's when he shot himself. >> reporter: the suicide followed a domestic incident 5 miles from the stadium. he shot his girlfriend, 22-year- old kasandra perkins multiple times killing her. >> they're been arguing before the shooting occurred this morning. >> reporter: belcher's mother called 911. she had moved into the house to help with grandchild. he got his start here on this field in new york. as a senior he led the team to the first undefeated season eventually going onto play college ball in maine before landing in the pros. he spent all four of his nfl seasons with the chiefs moving into the starting line up and playing every game this r year. the team is 1 and 10 this year. the mayor wouldn't speculate on
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a motive for the shootings but acknowledged the pressure of the job. >> we're talking about kids that are 24 years old playing in circumstances that most of us never dream of and living lives in fish bowls and sometimes that becomes unbearable. >> the chief's are planning on going ahead with the home game against the panthers. west babylon new york. we have an active radar already, and a third wave of rainfall, really the meat and potatoes isn't here yet. how much rain do you get and when the sun finally going to come back. i'll have the answers next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bay area marked world as day today. in san francisco, ceremoniet th ve events around the bay area marked world aids day today in san francisco, ceremonies at the national aids memorial grove in golden gate park remembered those lost today. it marks san francisco's historical significance in the epidemic being at the forefront in the fight the disease and an effort to raise awareness. six awards were awarded to leaders for their work. >> i explain to young people what's going on with hiv, and what they can do to make a difference, about talking to someone or using a condom themselves. i empower the youth. >> the event honored nancy pelosi with the national leadership award for her efforts in creating the national aids memorial and her volunteer work for aids
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awareness. the united nations joint program on aids recently reported the pace of progress against the disease is quickening and we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the aids. >> well, the u.s. navy said good-bye to one of its most illustrious veterans today. commission in 1961 the enterprise was the first knew clear powered aircraft. the ship has taken part in every conflict in her lifetime from the cuban missile crisis to the cold war and the gulf wars. chief meteorologist paul deanno joining us and he is busy tracking the next storm heading our way. >> it's going to be a busy night. there's one bit of good news that the heavy rainfall is coming in early december as opposed to to january and february. if these rivers were already running as high as they
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normally are in the middle of winter, this would be a major problem. instead it's just a less major of a problem. there's a lot of rainfall coming tonight. mild, too. mild today with highs in the mid-60s. san francisco 62. concord 61, santa rosa 59. here's high def doppler. lots of colors already. i want to focus on guerneville because we'll see light rain, and will pick up in intensity as the night goes on. santa rosa getting light moderate rain. and here's heavier showers where the napa river is under a flood warning. the city of napa getting heavy rain and light to moderate rainfall on 580, 680. hayward getting some rainfall right now. let's talk specifics. the russian river at guerneville, a 35-foot crest, 3 feet above flood stage. it will hit the crest 11:00
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monday mortgage. the napa -- morning. the napa river will crest earlier, lunchtime tomorrow at 18 feet. moderate flooding, 2 feet above flood stage. the only difference between the days is is there a a storm in the pipeline moving in. tonight the answer is yes. we have all of there moisture stretching from west of hawaii all the way into the west coast and northern california continues to be the bulls eye. low pressure to the northwest, the storm track heading right toward us. where's the next storm, sitting a couple hundred miles offshore. it will be with us tomorrow morning and all of northern california will be extremely wet. we're looking at rainfall totals topping out well above an inch to two inches. this is our future cast all the way through the day. santa rosa 2 more inches of rain. hayward an inch 1/3 and redwood city you will get a lot of rain as well. most falling tomorrow morning.
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heavy rainfall tonight. a soaker early tomorrow and it's going to move out pretty quickly and by mid afternoon we'll see clearing skies and by monday the rain will be a distant memory. oakland tomorrow 65. wet but warm. san jose 62, r morgan hill 64. pa lo al to 62, and -- palo alto, 62. sansan laeandr o. looking sunnier and dryer thursday through saturday of next week. it's going to get wet tonight. travel's not going to be that great. by this time tomorrow, all of the rain is gone. we'll have flooding concerns but the rain will have stopped. >> and be concerned on tuesday and wednesday even though the map shows rain. >> it looks scarier than it is.
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it is also time for the mayor to reap the rewards of the giants world series victory. dave bing will come to the bay area to make good on his wager. he will take a tour of two san francisco companies and tour at&t park with 25 people involved in the junior giants baseball program. >> they're rubbing it in, i don't know. >> it's sharing ourwet with those less fortunate. >> i'll take it. we have a momentover greatness -- moment of greatness for one local team and i'm not talking about stanford football, but we will address the alabama crimson tide and a roller coaster wave of a game with a georgia shot at the title on the line. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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number two alabama, number three georgia, do i really have to say more? how about the sec championship and national title game appearance to the winner. georgia lead by 11 late, but here came the crimson tide. aj, 45 yards to amari cooper. they came all the way back to take the lead. final drive for georgia, they have to go to the end zone to win. caught by chris conley who should have let it drop for another shot. time ran out. ball game over, alabama wins 32-
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28. they move onto play notre dame in the championship. last night in palo alto, stanford punched its ticket to the rose bowl for the 2009 season. tied at 24 with ucla in the 4 4th. jordan williamson, he nails the go ahead and kick. so one last ditch effort for ucla to try and tie it but wide and short from 52, and stanford seals their rose bowl bid. military >> standing with my teammates on the podium, it kind of hit
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me, that we made it. >> it will l be -- it will be wisconsin or nebraska waiting for them. and the nod to the military bowl in washington dc, o opponent yet to be determined. here is the coach comparing his team's journey to an amusement park ride. >> buckle down and go up the hill. and i think there for a while we got stuck and i saw it changing. last year we started winning more games and this year i said you're at the part where your hands are raised up and you're going by the best part of the whole ride where they take the picture and you're going the get the picture on national stage and it's going to mean big things. >> nls cup, houston dynamo called for the hand call. landon donovan puts it through.
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they win the straight mls cup, and it was david beckham's final mls game. the match point for branson volleyball on the left and right. mckenna, the sob shot and that's it. four straight years the branson bulls beat tricity christian to win the division 5 state championship. that was this morning down in ervine. a school of 300, and you have to go to this tiny school in ross california. >> four in a row right. >> four in a row. >> thank you much. big story of course today is the weather and paul's keeping an eye on that for us. >> here's a look at the radar, the rain is already here. this is ahead of round 3. this is too many to count, so we're going to show you here, the
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rainfall that's out there. doppler showing heavy rainfall offshore, so watch out marin county. in the city of san francisco, half-moon bay, all the way north to santa rosa. it's going to pick up this evening and everybody gets the heavy rain overnight tonight. pretty rough driving for lunch tomorrow. and we'll see you back here in a half hour. until then our news updates are on good night. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> tonight, strike three for the west coast after a pounding by two back-to-back storms, northern california residents are bracing for storm number three. carter evans is there. north korea says it will testifier a new long-range rocket within the next three weeks. anna werner has u.s. reaction to the latest threat. a dilemma for the baseball hall of fame. should


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